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In each episode, an established or emerging translator explains how they fell in love with a literary source text.

A role-playing meditation podcast where listeners explore a fantasy world where sound is magic.

Ari Redbord sits down with business leaders, policy makers, and investigators to talk about key crypto policy, regulatory, and enforcement issues of the day.

Hot off the RSS feeds...

Give your ears a treat...

Always on, always awesome...

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"The team at Voltage have been great production partners who approach every project with passion, professionalism, and creative insight." Mark, Echoverse

“For our show Anomalie we needed a complete immersive soundscape that would create a world and also tell a story. The Voltage team delivered phenomenal work, with very little hand-holding. They took the idea and ran with it. They really brought our stories and world to life.” Steve, StoryMill

"I've collaborated with this team on a handful of demanding shows with tight schedules. They've consistently delivered excellent work—on time and on budget—and they're an absolute pleasure to work with. Nothing but great experiences partnering with Voltage." Dan, Substack

"Working with Voltage has been a pleasure. They cultivated a great, personalized workflow with our team from day one, and thanks to this collaboration, our audience can enjoy smooth, professional sound."
Jess, Paraphrasis

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